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I Love the Feeling of a Great Haircut!

I Love the Feeling of a Great Haircut!

A great haircut is possibly the one most underrated act of self-improvement. Sounds dramatic? Think about it. You’re staring at yourself in the mirror for the 10th time this morning, dragging yourself through another dreary daily routine accented with bad breath and a hangover. You stare at your closet full of clothes you’ve worn a thousand times, longing for a day when you feel energized by the sight of your own wardrobe. Chugging down another cup of coffee, while needing a caffeine fix.  You throw your hair in a bun and put on the same outfit you’ve worn three times in the past week. It’s reliable. And stretchy. You, my friend, are burned out. The monotony of everyday life has sucked you dry.

It happens to the best of us. But, a great haircut is the simple solution. In a few hours, you can go from zero to hero. Zoned out to blown out. You get the idea. It’s nothing new. Everyone who’s ever had a good haircut knows the great feeling of empowerment. But why? Why does a greaat haircut make an ordinary human feel like a goddess? How do fresh bangs somehow instantly transform your outlook on life?

Hair psychology is a complicated science, but it’s safe to start with the basic idea that looking good can actually make you feel really great. A Dadiana cut starts with a consultation, followed by a very relaxing Dadiana Shampoo, scalp massage,  Dadiana Conditioning, and professional styling as well. Leaving Dadiana Salon with a new, perfectly done hairdo is a feel great, confident elevating mood -inducer. It's okay to have a little vanity here and there.

When you decide to chop off those dry, frizzy uneven, gnarly ends, you’re relieving yourself of more than just lifeless frizz. For many of us, the idea of a new haircut or style change can be intimidating. That’s your comfort zone talking. That’s the little voice in your head that wants to you to be safe and pick the basic blue dress over the electric teal one.

Throwing caution to the wind is much easier said than done. That is why I like giving a consultation first, so I can help you decide what style you want or need, and how much to cut. Just think how amazing you will feel after getting a great new haircut because your risky choice actually paid off. It can make you feel proud of yourself for embracing a new adventures. For many of us, cutting off a few extra inches might not seem like a big deal ,however, for others, hair is one of their biggest personal safety nets. I understand that It takes courage to sit quietly and stare into a mirror while someone hacks away at the physical embodiment of your comfort zone but a new great haircut is a well-deserved prize.

We all know, hair can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Some days it takes 10 minutes, sometimes it takes two hours and you end up wearing a hat anyway. A good hair day can lead to endless productivity and confidence, while a bad hair day can cause you to spend the entire day grouchy and negative. It is a power struggle with your hair. Life is difficult enough, let alone to lose the battle with your hair. It’s when your hair just will not do what you want it to, it's insubordination can leave you feeling powerless. So, when you take it upon yourself to get a great haircut, you’re showing your hair who’s in charge.

Establishing dominance over your tresses may sound a little bit ridiculous, but I bet every single one of you can honestly say that "uncooperative hair" before a big night out has made you almost tear up, at least a little bit. We deal with tons of different micro-struggles throughout our daily lives.  Taking control of any situation always leads to an increase in confidence, empowerment and taking control of your own destiny. You feel lighter, brighter, bouncier, and healthier after getting rid of a bunch of split ends; because you are the one who made the executive decision to rid yourself of unnecessary baggage

Now is the time to see for yourself. Next time you have the time, the cash, and the courage; make an appointment for a great haircut. Then those unwanted, worn-a-million-times outfits will have new life with your bouncy new mane. You’ll find yourself loving your mirror. Freshness and confidence will flourish in the land of great haircuts.  So come along for the ride, leave those self doubts at the door, and forget about why it won’t “work for your face”, “look right with your chin” or the million other reasons you hold on to that old hairstyle. If you need a little spice, a little spark, perk-me-up, new start, or just something to break the monotony, sitting in the salon chair with Diane at Dadiana Salon is one of the easiest places to start. Even if it’s just a trim. Baby steps, baby. Diane Meehan, owner of Dadiana Salon 805 969 1414